"...I don't recall seeing anything like it before, and I can think of many situations in which it would be quite valuable. It's wonderful that such a simple idea could end up helping a lot of people."

"Love your book…very much needed in long-term care. Your mom is smiling down from heaven…so much care, deep love and empathy. AGAIN, I love it!"

"My father recently went into a short term rehab and will be transferred to a memory care community soon.  During our family meeting at the rehab facility, one of his therapists commented how much she loved (the book) and its usefulness for my father.  I would like to purchase more as gifts..."

"I just read your book. It is awesome! My mother-in-law is a former hospice nurse and she also thinks the book is terrific. It needs to be circulated far and wide.

Ms. T. Whitney, NV

"...My employees (LNA's and RN's) love your book. They firmly believe that there are many areas where your book would be very useful... I'm sure we will be ordering more in the future. You have touched many lives with this book and I'm sure you will touch many more. Congratulations on...such a thoughtful and helpful book."

"Your presentation...was appreciated by all who attended.  Your insights about care-giving and coping, not to mention your book, are refreshing sources of support and encouragement for clients, their families, and the community at large. Thank you!"

"..Our dad wanted to live alone but his dementia was a problem. He moved in with us but he was very sad. We gave him your book and he started saying "I am so happy to be with my family; it is better to have someone with me that I love."  We believe he got that from your book…"

"...The book is fabulous. My mother and family love it. It is a great source of comfort for elderly people. Thank you."

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